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Modeling of p-type MOS transistors

Fig. 1: Illustration of the multi-band effect on the local density of states and transmission coefficient in a Si p-type double-gate MOSFET whose transport direction is along [100]. VDS = -0.4V and VG = 0V. For sake of clarity the bandstructures and potentials are represented in terms of hole energy [1,2]. Complementary metal oxide semi-conductor technology...
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One-shot current conserving inelastic transport modeling

Fig.1: Illustration of the current degradation in double-gate MOSFETs resulting from electron-phonon interactions. In this case the one-shot LOA+AC method perfectly reproduces the SCBA results [2]. We describe a lowest-order approximation (LOA) to the nonequilibrium Green’s function in the presence of interactions, and generally address how one can build Phi-derivable one-shot approximations that satisfy the continuity...
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