Enhanced thermopower in the transient regime

Fig.1: Increase of the Seebeck coefficient in the transient regime of a metal/dot/metal junction.

Collaboration with A. Crépieux, CPT Marseille

We derived formal expressions of time-dependent energy and heat currents through a nanoscopic device using the Keldysh nonequilibrium Green function technique. Numerical results are reported for a metal/dot/metal junction where the dot level energy is abruptly changed by a step-shaped voltage pulse. Analytical linear responses are obtained for the time-dependent thermoelectric coefficients. We show that the Seebeck coefficient can be enhanced in the transient regime up to an amount (here rising 40%) controlled by both the dot energy and the height of the voltage step.


Authors :   A. Crépieux, F. Michelini

Physical Review B (2011)

Journal of Nanotechnology (2012)