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Fabienne Michelini

Professor AMU

Born on October the 17th, 1971 Béziers (France)


Tel: +33 (0)4 13 55 20 48




​Fabienne Michelini is an Associate Professor at AMU since 2005. She obtained her phD in condensed matter physics in 2000 at INSA Toulouse on low dimensional systems modelling. A skill she developed in the Laboratory of Physics of Nanostructures headed by Pr. Kapon during her 4-years post-doc at EPFL, Switzerland. She defended her HDR diploma in 2016 on the ‘Light-matter interaction at the nanoscale”.


Her expertise has indeed its roots in the theoretical/numerical building of empirical models within the k.p method to understand the electronic and optical properties of realistic condensed-matter systems structured at the nanoscale. In parallel, she has gained a great expertise in high performance computing for large-scale numerical problems. For the last years, she has investigated the transport properties of opened quantum structures using effective methods within the Green’s function formalism. She is focusing on time-dependent and non-equilibrium regimes in the functioning of optoelectronic and thermoelectric nanosystems towards new hybrid devices and spectroscopy techniques.


Since 2014, she contributes as an expert to the evaluation of ANR projects in Défis “Energie proper, sûre et efficace” and “Autres savoirs”, and European projects in FET actions on HPC and Quantum Technologies (4 calls). She has authored or co-authored 73 publications in international scientific journals and given 10 invited conferences over the period 2011-2021.

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