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ANR PROJECT « PLATOFIL » (2014-2018)

« PLAteforme phoTOnique à base de nanoFILs »

ANR funding: 494 825 €

Partners :

  • SP2M/INAC (Grenoble) : C. Durand (coordinator) and J. Eymery.

  • C2N UMR 9001 (Saclay) : M. Tchernycheva (scientific responsible), E. Warde and F. Julien.

  • LPICM UMR 7647 (Palaiseau) : M. Foldyna (scientific responsible) and Pere Roca i Cabarrocas.

  • IM2NP UMR 7334 (Marseille) : N. Cavassilas (scientific responsilbe), M. Bescond and F. Michelini.

The heterogeneous integration of miniature photonic components with non-photonic elements such as electronic circuits, micro-mechanical systems or biosensors, is a strategic issue opening the way to the realisation of platforms with multiple functionalities for electronics or bio-sensing. Nanowire devices offer new perspectives for these applications. PLATOFIL aimed to develop a new technology based on active nanowire photonic components assembled in a functional platform. This innovative technology is based on the use of InGaN/GaN core-shell nanowire LEDs and photodetectors fabricated by MOVPE epitaxy. The spectral range targeted was from green to near ultraviolet, opening up a wide range of applications in the biological field. The core of the project was to address the problem of assembling and interfacing nanowire components in a large-scale parallel fashion. This project has fully achieved its objectives in view of the numerous articles published in high-impact materials chemistry and photonics journals (ACS Applied materials & interfaces, ACS Photonics, etc.).

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