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PROJET ANR « QUASANOVA » (2011-2014)

« QUAntum Simulations and Assessment of NanOdeVice Architectures »

ANR funding: 1 118 735 €

Partners :

  • CEA-INAC (Grenoble) : Y.M. Niquet et F. Triozon.

  • CEA-LETI (Grenoble) : S. Barraud, M. Cassé et M.-A. Jaud.

  • IEMN UMR 8520 (Lille) : C. Delerue, E. Lampin, C. Krzeminski et F. Cleri.

  • IMEP-LAHC UMR 5130 (Grenoble) : M. Pala et G. Ghibaudo.

  • ST Microelectronics (Crolles) : C. Tavernier et D. Rideau.

  • IM2NP UMR 7334 (Marseille) : M. Bescond, N. Cavassilas et F. Michelini.

The simulation codes for quantum transport in nano-transistors have seen substantial improvements in the 2000s, allowing them to study realistic size structures with near-atomic precision. However, no quantum transport code had yet confronted its results with experimental measurements. The QUASANOVA project proposed to take this step by comparing, for each physical mechanism, the results obtained by the simulation with experimental measurements carried out on devices of the latest technological generations. Such a simulator, validated by experiment, has enabled the consortium to reach the international state of the art by clarifying the physical phenomena involved in nano-transistors, and to propose optimized device architectures.

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